Sunday, October 7, 2007

No Child is an Island

Our lives are influenced not only by our parents, but by our extended families. Here I am, the picture of poise and grace even at the age of three, with my cousins Charles ("Fat") and Jack Fearn at the home of my beloved Aunt Thyra and Uncle Buck. I always considered myself more of a Fearn (Mom's side of the family) than a Margason.

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GirlFromNippon said...

This is "Handsome Three" I see in this photo. :)
Hmm...your cousins, you say ? Well, attractiveness runs in the family, I see. ^_^
So, you are considered yourself more of your Mum's side of the family ?
In my case, I am more drawn to my "Dad's" side of the family. Not just because I look more like my Dad, but also I am like my Dad in SO MANY ways ! XD

Of course I love both my parents though...and I bet you love both your parents, too, even now when you have become a resident up in heaven. ^_^


Chie Minato