Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Ghosts of Friends

To come across photos of onnce-close family friends is like entering a room long closed off. Memories rise like dust particles in a sunbeam.

Ted and Ann Kenyon and their fanuly were our closest friends for many years, since Dad worked with Ted in Chicago in the mid-1930s. Here we are (Dad took the picture) at Chicago's Olson Rug Company Gardens, probably around 1945. But slowly the years separated us, and they disappeared in the mists of time. I often wonder what became of them. Friends are too valuable to lose.

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GirlFromNippon said...

You really look handsome in this photo, Dorien-san ! :O
And...I like your hair that way ! ;)
Well, I also hope they ( and their families ) are still doing okay...though what surprised me the most still remember "who" took this group photo ! You surely have a good memory ! :D


Chie Minato