Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today, October 11, 2007, is my dad's birthday. Reality tells me he would be 96 today, but as you know I refuse to believe in reality. This photo was taken probably around 1940 in a photobooth somewhere. Another photo from the same group appears in my book, The Paper Mirror

Dad died November 11, 1968 (Mom's birthday) of a heart attack. He was 57 years old. It is strange to think of being older than one's parents.

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GirlFromNippon said... Dad also died young ( although he was 62 when, passed away ) of a heart attack, well...soft of. He told my Mum he was not feeling well, so she took him to the nearest hospital. Not much later, she called me on the cell phone and said Dad's heart seemed to have stopped beating so I should come over right away. As she later told me, as soon as they arrived at the hospital he had passed out and never regained consciousness.

He used to tell me he did not believe in heaven...but when I sat in front of his lifeless body, I told him "Don't worry, Dad. There 'is' heaven or some place up there where we can meet each other again. After I grow older, already living in Norway, and die of old age surrounded by my grandchildren, I will meet you up there again."

Well, I honestly hope your Dad, Mum and you will be reunited somewhere up there and have a long, long chat, and live in peace and harmony. *hugs*


Chie Minato