Friday, October 19, 2007

Bring it on!

It's 1943. The country is at war. They stopped making civilian automobiles in 1942. Food rationing. Gas rationing. War bonds. Scrap metal drives. Victory gardens. And nine-year-old me (I didn't turn ten until November.)

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GirlFromNippon said...

So, the food rationing had already started in 1942, then. And you were only nine years old, back then. :)
When I still didn't know much about you ( you know, around the time when I just started reading Dick Hardesty series ), when you said you were in the war, serving the country, at first I thought you fought in the Second World War - only until I saw some pictures of you. ^_^;

Thank you for sharing a nice picture of you taken when you were still a little boy ! :D


Chie Minato