Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fearns to the left of me, Fearns to the Right

Just as I consider myself more a Fearn than a Margason, my three cousins...Cork (behind me), Jack (to his left), and Fat (to his right with his either-just or soon-to-be wife, Shirley, and Shirley's brother, Clyde)...were more big brothers than cousins, and they always treated me that way...for which I was and shall always be eternally grateful. The moment is 1937, but it is also, in my heart and mind, now and forever.

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GirlFromNippon said...

I thought at first you were among those bigger four, not noticing the little one in the foreground. XD
Yes, now I see a cute little one wearing a dark coat, looking very serious. :)

And...1937 is the year when the photo was taken, you say ?
I believe food and clothes were still not rationed at the time because it was still four years away from WW2, I take it ?
Hmm, no wonder everyone seems to be happy in this photo...

Now, is it just me imagining things that those houses far in the background look very Scandinavian ?
Or should I put it as “Norwegian” ?
My Norwegian grandpa sends me photos of Norwegian landscape, etc. sometimes and the houses in those photos kind of look like those houses in this photo of yours. :)


Chie Minato