Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh, Family!

The four most important people in my life were...and still mother, my father (as usual taking the photo), Aunt Thyra, and Uncle Buck (Fearn), here with me and Grandpa Fearn and cousin Judi, somewhere around 1950. Even today, nearly sixty years later, my chest aches for them.


Anonymous said...

Roger-recently found this web site. Please don't stop!!! I love seeing the pictures of the Fearn's and I miss them terribly. Great to find you. Send me a e-mail sometime.

Lisa Fearn (Chuck and Shirley's granddaughter)

Anonymous said...

I also found this website, and have taken a trip down memory lane. I have so many pictures from my Grandparents ( Chuck and Shirley) and wish I had more. I look at them often and treasure all the stories that accompany each and every one of them.
Keep them coming!
Laura Fearn